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Winners’ Advisors, Kathy and Andy, share their secrets

That’s because they get to arrange the all-important win payment, as well as offer support and tips to people who have won life-changing amounts of money.

Anyone who wins more than £50,000 on a National Lottery game will speak to a Winners’ Advisor once they’ve had their claim verified. After that initial phone call, someone from the team will arrange for payment to take place in the comfort of the winner’s own home and be available to support them as they get used to their new bank balance.

Andy, Kathy and our other Winners' Advisors often stay in touch with winners (and sometimes get texts with exotic holiday snaps attached!).

Between them, Kathy and Andy have a wealth of stories and advice to share, and the video below is a taste of what you would hear from them, or one of our other Winners' Advisors, if you won.