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The National Lottery creates around 39 million winners a month across its range of draw-based and instant play games – and, on average, around 30 millionaires every month.

Winning big can be life-changing, which is why, over the past 28 years, we’ve built an extensive programme of support to see major National Lottery prize winners through every step of the way. We have a dedicated team to advise our high-tier winners on areas such as security and privacy, to how to get independent financial advice, and everything in between. Many of our big winners are still in touch with us, even more than two decades on from their amazing experience!

For prizes of over £50,000, our Player Services team can arrange for payment to take place in the comfort of the winner’s own home. At that point, the winner will make the decision whether or not to opt for publicity. If they opt to share their news, we make all the necessary arrangements. However, if they’ve decided to stay anonymous, we don’t say a word – unless a winner signs an agreement with us that they want publicity, we won’t release any information into the public domain.

For prizes of £1 million and up, we make sure a private banking representative is available to help winners make the most of their new-found wealth. We can also arrange for a panel of independent financial advisers to provide impartial and practical advice. And we’ve also recently introduced both life coaching and a luxury concierge service into the mix!