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Digital showcase of National Lottery spaces

In March 2021, VIRTUE and Camelot, operator of The National Lottery, announced the launch of a campaign that aims to show that Good Cause beneficiaries supported by National Lottery players have something for everyone. This was to encourage new audiences to get involved and help support these spaces by digitally showcasing places that are relevant and meaningful to them.

The National Lottery raises over £30 million a week across the UK for parks, women’s shelters, food banks and many more public spaces that have transformative effects on people’s lives, but that also rely on the funding from The National Lottery. To demonstrate that The National Lottery funds something for everyone, this campaign aims to give people a virtual glimpse of these experiences, so that everyone can participate and enjoy the work that The National Lottery and its beneficiaries carry out, that otherwise may have gone unnoticed.

Arabella Gilchrist, Head of TNL Content Marketing at Camelot, said: “We are always looking for different ways to bring to life the £30 million that is raised by National Lottery players every week. With this campaign, we hope to do this in a way that is relevant and engaging for new audiences and cohorts of people.”

Kris Jalowiecki, Strategist at VIRTUE, says: “The National Lottery is a force for good in this country. In the spirit of generosity, we want everyone to feel like they have access to the things that The National Lottery funds. By inviting audiences to take part, and by making these digital experiences welcoming and entertaining to all, it makes the act of buying a ticket feel like you’re making an implicit investment in the great causes that The National Lottery and their beneficiaries support.”

To check out more of the videos in the campaign, go to the playlist on YouTube.