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Why Camelot?

A place to be you

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or what you believe. Camelot is a place to be you, where you can bring your whole self to work. We embrace diversity, but we have one similarity - we’re all working towards the same goals. Most importantly, we’re one family, who share the same values.

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We change lives

The work we do impacts the UK in so many ways. We create millionaires, through operating The National Lottery games. Every week, an average of £36m is raised for Good Causes by National Lottery players, funding projects in the community and supporting local charities.

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We’re a good bunch

Even though we have over 1,000 people working here, we believe it’s important for each person to make their mark. Our people work extremely hard, but have great fun doing it, especially knowing that they’re helping to make amazing things happen.

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Perks that benefit

We want to look after all the incredible people that work for us. Which is why we offer them perks that are the best of the best. From financial support, to healthcare, and flexible working. The benefits available mean it’s not just our work that’s rewarding, it’s the perks too.

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A place to do your best work

At Camelot, you are one of 1000 people, working on some of the biggest brands in the UK. This means you get the opportunity to really make a difference, every single day. Our people deliver great work, that has a huge impact.


We have great responsibility

Through operating The National Lottery, we play a part in making people millionaires overnight - changing lives instantly! With great work comes great responsibility. It’s essential that we operate in a socially-responsible way and that integrity underpins everything we do, making sure we do what’s right every time. We offer our people, as well as The National Lottery's players, winners and retailers, the support they need.