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Player Services

You won’t find a team like this in any other company. If you want a unique role that has customer experience at its heart with a mission to change lives, we can offer it!

Winners' Advisors - the face of Camelot making dreams come true

We're responsible for paying prizes to major winners, which is always a reason to celebrate. Our job is to make sure that National Lottery winners have a genuinely celebratory and life-changing experience, and have access to the very best support, whether that's legal and financial support, a life coach to help them find their new purpose, or a concierge company to help their every dream come true. We're a passionate team focused on giving players the best possible experience.

Prize Payout - the team that makes paying prizes possible

We sit at the very heart of the business, whether it's resolving players' queries about claiming a prize, or paying and providing support to the UK's biggest lottery winners. Although we are spread across the UK, we’re a close-knit bunch who use customer care skills to ensure we give the best experience to our players.