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23 June 2021

I’ve had many proud days during my time at Camelot, and throughout my career, but May 21st 2021 takes the cake.

It was the day of Best Companies live and Camelot was recognised across 5 lists:

  • The UK’s 10th Best Large Company to work for 2021
  • London’s 1st Best Large Company to work for 2021
  • East of England’s 3rd Best Company to work for 2021
  • Leisure and Hospitality’s 3rd Best Company to work for 2021
  • And the one that I’m most proud of... Large Company WINNER of Best Companies very special WELLBEING award.

I’ve worked at Camelot for nearly 9 years, across various areas in the People team but my current role heading up Internal Comms, Engagement and Employer Brand has been both the most challenging and rewarding. Stepping into the role in October 2019, and less than six months later being faced with leading the communication and engagement of 1000+ people during a global pandemic is the stuff that really makes you.

Someone asked me recently... “What makes Camelot a best company to work for and what did you do to be chosen as the large company winner for the Best Companies special welling award?”. In the lead up to World Wellbeing Week, I’ve done some reflecting on this.

We spend a lot of time checking in, listening to our people and responding so I have a long and a short version of this answer. Let me try to keep this simple.

The People

This kind of stuff doesn’t just happen. It takes a lot of work from everyone across the business, sharing the same goals. The people at Camelot genuinely care about each other. We want the best for each other. We enjoy working together and we support each other. We work hard and we celebrate together. You won’t find a bunch like us anywhere else very easily.

Camelot is a place to be you

Personally, I’ve always felt a little bit different. Not like everyone else in the room. Often feeling the need to conform to fit in. It’s not like that here at Camelot. For the first time ever, I work for a company where I can bring my whole self to work. I don’t need to be anyone other than myself, and most importantly I feel like the things that make me different are valued here. I didn’t know how much that could have a positive impact on my own wellbeing until now. There is lots that we do to help everyone feel the same.

Pride in our purpose

As operator of The National Lottery, our overarching objective is to maximise returns to Good Causes through selling National Lottery products in an efficient and socially responsible way - so we have a pretty unique purpose and play a big role in changing lives for the better. The National Lottery Distributors have now handed out more than £1.2bn in funding to Good Cause projects to help them respond to the COVID crisis. Being part of something this big that impacts so many lives across the UK makes me #ProudToBeCamelot and feel good about the work I do every day. I’m not alone, just search the hashtag and you’ll see many other reasons.

We prioritise wellbeing

We talk about mental health and the importance of it. We have a team of Mental Health First Aiders set up ready to support those that need it. We take health seriously. Along with many other health benefits, our people get private health care as a standard. We make fitness easy for those who want it, allowing our people to claim back 50% for fitness activities and gym memberships. We bring fitness to our working days, partnering with Team GB and ParalympicsGB to deliver live exercise, nutrition and motivational sessions with Olympic and Paralympic athletes (not as daunting as it sounds!). We supported parents by giving up to 15 additional parental leave days and offering free virtual after school clubs to get them through the impossible balance of work/homeschool life. We run a full programme of learning based sessions to help our people be their best every day.

There is no simple response to this question really, and I don’t even feel like I’ve scratched the surface.

Camelot has been the best company I have ever worked for, and it’s amazing that we’ve had this external recognition during a year that’s been so challenging for all of us.

If I could bottle up the magic here at Camelot and have the secret formula I would because this is something pretty special!