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14 February 2022

Here at Camelot, we offer a #PlaceToBeYou - which includes providing our people with the opportunity to develop and be the best version of themselves.

Just one of many opportunities offered by our Learning and Development Team are apprenticeships, with a huge variety of specialisms and levels available. From courses in Operational Management through to Professional Coaching, there are apprenticeships available to suit everyone.

To tell us more, we’re joined by five people at Camelot who are either currently studying for, or have recently achieved, an apprenticeship qualification.

Meet them all…

Q: What made you want to do an apprenticeship?

Rob: There are aspects of management that I don't touch within my role, so this gave me the scope to learn about it as well as be given the opportunities to put it into practice. I think you should always be looking to learn and develop and the opportunity to do a management qualification was really appealing.

I saw a great opportunity to develop myself outside of my comfort zone and also open up potential opportunities to get involved in other interesting projects. I ended up managing an entire upgrade project that went very smoothly using the techniques and methods learnt in the apprenticeship.

Q: How did you find your experience of doing an apprenticeship?

Selby: I enjoyed the experience. In recent years I have begun studying and taking short courses. The apprenticeship however was the first ‘long’ course I have participated in since I left school. It took some getting used to in the early weeks. Thankfully, I received great support from those around me. I enjoyed working with people from inside and outside of the organisation during my apprenticeship and had a great tutor who helped bring the subject to life for me.

Q: Best thing you’ve taken from doing an apprenticeship?

Jo: The best lesson I've learnt on reflection is not to talk yourself out of doing something because you're busy, think it's too late to start learning, or don't feel like you have the motivation or application to do it. Taking the leap was the best thing I ever did and it's opened up what I love doing far beyond what I ever expected. Because of it, I am stronger and more confident and the Retail learning and development proposition has intent and rigour.

I love new experiences, gaining breadth, applying theory and thought to what I do, and as it turns out, I also love jumping in at the deep end just knowing it's worth a shot!

Q: How did you feel when you completed the course?

Jodie: Completing the course was a great feeling; knowing that all the hard work, hours and extra-curricular learning paid off with a Distinction grade that I’m really proud of.

The best part of the experience was the extra knowledge I gained - such as different learning styles, how to apply alternative methods of teaching and coaching and being able to successfully apply them in various different situations.

Q: What would you say to someone considering an apprenticeship or new learning challenge?

Fiona: I say, go for it! Not only will you discover new and exciting skills and content, you’ll learn a lot about yourself and how you adapt to new challenges. BUT, find something that will energise you and that you will look forward to learning about.

Don’t just find something with an impressive qualification at the end of it. Being passionate about the subject will make the learning easier, the time dedicated achievable and the overall process worthwhile.