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13 June 2019

As we prepare for Father’s Day celebrations this weekend we wanted to give a big shout out to all the dads out there working hard to get that balance right. A busy work schedule and being a hands on parent can be hard work, so working for a company that can help get that juggle right is important.

Shared parental leave, work life balance and flexible working are all things that Camelot is proud to support. Our Head of InfoSec, David recently took shared parental leave after the birth of his third child. Here are some words he shared upon his return...

“Tomorrow I return to work after three months off. In that time I swapped nmap for nappies and writing regular expressions for the playground. All doable because I am fortunate to work for an employer that was supportive of me taking shared parental leave and lucky enough to work in a team that made it possible.

The opportunity to spend quality time with my wife and three boys has been fantastic and I’d recommend that if any dads / dads to be get a similar opportunity, to grab it with both hands.

Work will always be there but I doubt anyone ever regretted spending too much time at home. Especially important in information security where the 24/7 nature of the job and other pressures mean so many peers burnout or face challenges to overcome with their mental health. This was recently evidenced in a study by Nominet which found one in four CISOs suffer stress related health problems.

Having said all of that I’m looking forward to getting stuck in again tomorrow and seeing what the team have been up to whilst I’ve been away.”

- David, Head of Information Security

Working Dad

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there striving for success at both work and home. We hope you get to spend some quality family and embrace the day to just be you!