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29 July 2021

Hey, I’m Jo. I joined Camelot in February 2009 initially on a two week temp contract. Two weeks quickly turned into a few months and before I knew it I had signed a twelve month contract to work with a newly formed team of Telephone Account Managers. From there I moved into a permanent role as Contact Centre Duty Manager, Contact Centre Team Manager and Real Time Manager before finding my current role in Technology as Incident and Problem Manager.

Meet the Jo my friends know

Within my friendship circles I am always the Monica of the group. I have to be the one in control (I am a control freak but can admit it) and I love being the host, planning nice evenings and have a real passion for baking! I am also very inquisitive by nature and like to be aware of everything that is going on around me (some may just call it nosey).

I always want to be able to help people, whether in or outside of work. I’m always ready to get stuck in when a family member or friend is in need of an extra pair of hands, whether it be decorating, moving house, or even a bit of babysitting. I would like to think I am always there for them and the same goes for work! If someone needs help doing or finding out something, even if I cannot answer it myself, I will always make sure we find someone who can.

Let’s go back to when I first joined Camelot

When I first joined it was a difficult time. I had been made redundant three times in the previous 12 months and a family friend who worked in the Customer Operations Team at the time said she could get me some temp work, which I was so grateful for! My confidence had been knocked but I just found everyone so welcoming and approachable - it certainly made me feel at ease and realise how important that is.

The more I learnt about Camelot and what the company does, the more I wanted to be involved. I soon found myself getting stuck into new projects and jumping into any opportunity I was offered, to mix with other teams. By doing this, I started to make some key contacts around the business that began to benefit me in my day job as well as broadening my awareness of things that were happening across the business.

Why building relationships at work is essential

We spend most of our time at work, so I believe it is really important to get on with the people you work with and show an interest in their lives. Finding common ground for me is always a great way to build relationships.

Having strong relationships at work also means asking for help or information is easy. Particularly in my role, I might be asking for support on something that is time-critical and to be able to approach someone who you know is equally busy and has different workload pressures, can sometimes be challenging. But having an existing relationship with a mutual understanding that I wouldn’t be asking unless I had to really makes everything so much easier!

How relationships have evolved over the past year

Lockdown and the pandemic has made us all think differently about our relationships, whether it be with family, friends or work colleagues, and we have all had to find new ways of managing these and making sure that we stay in touch. With work relationships I think the most important thing, no matter how busy we are, is to just make time at the beginning of a meeting to have a general chat and catch up. The other thing I found which was a big change for me was making sure I had my camera on - it certainly changes the dynamic of a meeting if you can see each other and everyone’s body language, facial expressions etc...

The power of true friendships

Over the years, I have made some really strong friendships with lots of people around the business. Having friends at work not only makes my job more enjoyable, it also helps on those stressful days when you have someone who understands the business challenges that I’m facing.

The people I have met at Camelot have also pushed me to do things that otherwise may well have been totally out of my reach/comfort zone, and for that, I will always be grateful.

One final piece of advice

The key when building relationships is about being open and honest with someone from the start and making sure the relationship is equal!