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31 January 2022

What do you think when you hear ‘Learning and Development’? It can sometimes be overlooked a little, however it plays a big part in any company. It allows people to access opportunities to learn new skills, develop existing skills to help them progress within a company or into another company. Our Learning and Development team offers many opportunities from coaching and mentoring to full apprenticeship schemes, as well as learning months such as our recent ‘Be Your Best’ month. Be Your Best month is exactly what it says on the tin - a month where you can attend sessions to help you ‘Be Your Best’ for the year to come.

A look behind the Camelot doors at our events this January

This year we had 5 sessions take place to help our people set themselves up for success for the year to come. ‘Be Your Best’ month featured some exciting guests covering different topics from ‘Defeating Dreary January’ to ‘Getting Steps in with a Paralympian.’ We also had a step challenge take place across 2 weeks to help get everyone up and moving more than they usually would.

Find out more about each of our sessions…

  1. The first session we kicked off with was with Team GB’s Goldie Sayers. Talking about her years of training and competing in the Olympics, her session was focused on goal setting, including the best way to set goals for yourself and how to achieve them.
  2. We then had a session led by one of our Winners’ Advisors on ‘Make Your Dreams Come True Day’. This gave us an insight into the experience for National Lottery players who win big. From the first call confirming a big win, to handing over the all important cheque. This session really brought home the important job that we do and the rewarding feeling of seeing someone’s life change overnight.
  3. The third session we had was to help us Defeat Dreary January. The session was organised by Emma Ewing, Founder of Big Fish Training, with years of experience she helps teams and people motivate themselves in potentially stressful situations, during our session she talked us through how to examine the things that are important to help get us on the right track for the year. Emma encouraged us to look at what we prioritise in life to help get the most out of ourselves, as well as building up resilience for situations we may face. One of the key points to take away from the session was ‘to be kind to yourself’, no matter the challenges you face - as it will help you get past them.
  4. The penultimate session that was delivered was a steps-based workout with ParalympicsGB’s Beth Munro. As we are all a bit guilty of sitting at our desks and not getting moving as often as we should, Beth delivered a high energy, 30-minute workout to get us up and taking as many steps as we could. This session was a great excuse to get active, which not only helped towards the steps challenge but gave us a boost for the rest of the working day. It really was proof that getting moving helps with your mood and motivation levels!
  5. The final session of Be Your Best month was with Mhairi Keil, Senior Performance Nutritionist. Mhairi highlighted how we must fuel our bodies correctly and how prepping meals can make that an easier task whether we are at home or out and about. This session really concluded the month perfectly, showing us the best way to keep ourselves on track with our healthy habits - from the inside out!

This year’s ‘Be Your Best’ month truly was a success with 268 Camelot people signing up to at least one session. Across all of the sessions that were put on, we achieved a massive 496 bookings in total!

The #CamelotStepChallenge also returned

Midway through our sessions, we also kicked off the #CamelotStepChallenge. We had 196 people sign up to take part to try and increase their step count over the two-week challenge and possibly take new habits into the year ahead. We asked everyone who signed up the reason why they wanted to take part in the challenge. Check out a few of the reasons people chose to take part:

  • “Motivation to get away from the laptop & support mental health state in dreary January”
  • “A healthier start to 2022 both mentally and physically”
  • “I want to have the extra incentive to hit my 10k steps per day”
  • “Ensure that I get outside for fresh air every day despite the wintry weather conditions”
  • “Motivate me to get out of the house more and start me on the path to improved fitness!”

We all had our different reasons for taking part in the challenge, but the main goal was to help us be our best - whatever that may mean for each of us. Across the two weeks, together we walked over 20 million steps, that would get us from London to Sydney, Australia.

An incredible way to kick-start 2022!

Taking part in these sessions this month has given me the tools needed to have a successful year and hopefully carry over some of the great tips and habits we have learned across the months. Personally, I am hoping to keep up my steps throughout the year, as even in the short amount of time being involved in the challenge I felt better both physically and mentally - a great way to start to have a fantastic year! I know that the wider Camelot family are also feeling energised and ready to give 2022 all that they’ve got.