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15 January 2021

Rachel joined the Internal Comms team at the start of January 2021, mid-lockdown. This meant that her onboarding took place from the comfort of her home.

If you're new to working from home, the idea of onboarding remotely can be a strange one. To help you understand how it works at Camelot, we've asked Rachel to share some details around her experience...

Tell us a little about your recruitment process, was it all remote?

It was indeed! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my entire recruitment process was managed virtually, including my interviews. After speaking with the recruitment team, I attended two video interviews using Google Meet, before being offered the role. Although these interviews didn't take place in person, they still allowed me to see and communicate with many people in my new team.

How did you receive your IT equipment and logins?

The week before my first day at Camelot I received my work kit, which was delivered by courier and included my laptop and brand new iPhone X. My tech was already configured and, on the morning of my first day, I was sent my login details by text. This was a really smooth process and meant I had all the access I required from day one!

Have you been able to meet your new team?

Unfortunately not in person, but this hasn't stopped me getting to know them! As a team, we regularly get together via Google Meet for video calls, and also maintain a team chat through the day. Despite not being able to work together face to face, I've felt extremely connected with regular communication. Getting an insight into people's homes also has one big added benefit - getting introduced to pets!

What did your first week look like?

I was really impressed with the level of thought and detail that went into my onboarding plan. My line manager provided me with a timetable for week one, booked me in for intros with many people across the department and gave me access to all the handy docs to help me get up to speed. I also spent my first day attending a virtual induction day with other new starters, which was a great opportunity to meet new people commencing their career with Camelot.

Do you have any advice for someone onboarding remotely?

My top three tips to new starters are:

1. Meet as many people in the business as possible, especially through video calls. Don't be afraid to ask people for an introductory call - everyone is super welcoming.

2. Make sure you create a workspace at home where you are comfortable and free from distractions (a comfy chair is essential!).

3. Ask questions! Lots of them! You may be inclined to ask less questions than you would if you were working around other people in an office, but it's important to still do so. Setting up a Google Hangouts chat with your team is a great way to do this.