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04 June 2019

This week marks the end of Ramadan and a celebration of Eid. We caught up with a couple of people at Camelot to find out what this time of the year means to them.

Hassan, one of the Real Time Analysts in our Customer Operations team shares how he practiced Ramadan at work this year.

Helal, our Head of Recruitment tells us what he does for Eid and shares his mum’s famous family recipe. You can download a recipe card at the end of this post.

A catch up with Hassan about Ramadan at Camelot

‘Fasting at work can be challenging as you have to adjust to a new routine. However working in Customer Operations there is the flexibility of shift changes. This has meant I have had the luxury of slightly later shifts and this has helped me get precious extra hours in bed were I am losing sleep waking up for the pre dawn meal.

We have also been given a room to pray during Ramadan to practice my belief. This has been beneficial to me as it allows me to both work and practice my beliefs in this holy month of Ramadan.’

- Hassan


Mama Miah's samosa recipe

Helal told us his favourite thing about Eid is gathering with his family and enjoying a feast of home cooked delicacies. His favourite dish is his Mum’s very own samosas! We asked for the recipe and he delivered! Click here to get a copy.