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08 February 2021

Now more than ever, interviews are taking place virtually. That’s why we’ve had a chat with our Resourcing Advisor, Matt Fisher, who’s offered us a sneak peek into what the world of recruitment currently looks like here at Camelot...

Tell us about the virtual interview process at Camelot.

So, as with all of our processes at Camelot, we tailor them based on the role to give candidates the best experience possible. For most positions, the interview process has stayed very similar - after applying, and if successful at CV screening stage, you may be invited to have a 30-minute phone call with a recruiter to discuss the role and your experience in more detail. Alternatively, you might be asked to complete a pre-recorded video interview which will give you the opportunity to show us your personality and motivation for applying to join Camelot!

The next stage will be through our video-conferencing tool, Google Meet. This has replaced the face-to-face interview and works fantastically well! Google Meet allows multiple people to interact and even present screens/presentations as you would in the real life world.

Ultimately, our process has remained very similar and the powers of technology have enabled us to continue to interview and hire throughout the pandemic!

What are the benefits of interviewing virtually?

Interviewing virtually enables the candidate, and interviewers, to communicate from the comfort of their own home - however, remember it’s still an interview so it's important to get into the right frame of mind.

Any tips on how to dress for a video interview?

It's very easy to get into a routine of working in pyjamas or throwing on a hoodie; however, an interview is still an interview! Although we're a smart-casual styled company, it's always good to put your best foot forward and dress up to get yourself into an interviewing mindset. This also helps you to forget about sitting in your bedroom or living room!

What IT equipment or software is needed?

All you need to join a Google Meet interview is a smart phone, tablet, PC or laptop - basically, if you can surf the web, you can join a Google Meet video interview!

Do you have any final advice on how to prepare for a virtual interview?

My last words of wisdom would be research the company, and research yourself.... This means take time to reflect on your career highlights and don't be afraid to tell us what you're proud of. And finally - enjoy it! Any interview is a two-way process, we want to check you're suitable for the role at Camelot but you should also be making sure this is the right move for you. When both parties are happy, the best work can be done!

If you’re still looking to find out more, check out this video, where we talk about what it’s like to work at Camelot and how to get a job here.