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10 June 2022

Hey! By way of introduction, my name is Yasmin, and I have recently joined the Recruitment team here at Camelot.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to put myself out there and share a short summary of my first week here as writing is a past passion of mine. So here we go…

In my last role, I was - for want of a better phrase - sold a few dreams about the company's culture and the role itself, and so I approached my onboarding day there with optimum optimism. Let's just say, things were not as described on the tin! Because of this, I made the decision to not get my hopes up prior to my onboarding with Camelot - just in case. But, I can honestly say this week was one of the best onboarding experiences I've had so far in my (almost) 10 years of work experience.

I think my favourite part has been that the positivity I feel has almost nothing to do with any tangible aspects e.g, the rewards and benefits available or the Camelot branded freebies (LOVE the pink notebook though). It has been purely down to the conversations I've had with everyone I've met, and the fact that in just four days, I have seen that a #PlaceToBeYou is not just a nice hashtag that's used on social media and job adverts, but a genuine company ethos. I've been so warmly welcomed, and I can't wait to start contributing to bringing some amazing talent into the business.

My highlights? I particularly liked how the onboarding day wasn’t an information overload. It was nicely segmented with Camelot videos, which was a nice way to learn some need-to-know information. It was also lovely that our Line Managers took us to lunch. I’ve definitely had an all-round great onboarding experience, and I’m already feeling settled in after only a few weeks!