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07 October 2021

Hi, I’m Katie and I’ve been working at Camelot for three years. As it’s National Customer Service Week, it’s a great time to tell you a little bit about my career journey and how joining the Customer Operations team kick-started my career.

How my journey at Camelot started

When I was made redundant from my last job, I didn’t know where to begin as I wanted something new and outside of the retail industry. I decided to put my CV out there and see what happened. Little did I know my new role would shape the next few years of my life.

I was contacted by Camelot to come in for an interview for the Operational Sales Team. The team itself plays a big part in Customer Operations, contacting hundreds of National Lottery retailers daily to support them with events, changes and queries - making sure they have everything they need to get the best sales and, ultimately, returns to National Lottery Good Causes.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what I did know from looking into the company was that it would be a fantastic place to work! The interview process was great and different from any sort of interview I’d experienced before. I instantly knew that I would have many opportunities if I was to join Camelot… and luckily I got the job!

My experience working in Customer Operations

The role gave me a good insight into Camelot, especially when it came to the role of Customer Ops and understanding the big part it plays in the company as a whole and seeing the great level of support provided to National Lottery retailers. It meant I was able to gain some new skills, a fundamental one being communication. When you spend so much time on the phone you learn the key ways to communicate effectively, as well as the skills of time management, organisation and adaptability - all of which I knew I would be able to bring into another role.

Navigating my development path

I decided very early on that I wanted to stay within the company and try to develop into another area of the business. Which is why I attended as many training sessions as I could during Camelot Learning Weeks - both to help develop my skills, but to also find out what other resources were available to me that I could use to my advantage. I completed my Strengthscope profile which really helped me pinpoint my strengths and, from that, work out where I could apply those strengths within another role. I found this really interesting and settled on a goal to join the People Team. Following this, I spoke to my managers to discuss my development ideas and find out what else I could do that would give me more transferable experience that would help me feel ready for when the right opportunity came up.

Jumping head first into a new challenge

A couple of months later, the perfect internal opportunity in the People Team came up and I went for it! It was so easy to apply and, once again, the interview process was great - I was made to feel at ease and like I could put my best self forward which doesn’t always happen when you’re feeling nervous and don’t know what to expect. And, thankfully, it must have gone well, as a week later I found out I had got the job!

Introducing my new role

I am now three weeks into my new role as a People Experience Coordinator and quite truly over the moon about it! The job involves both Internal Communications and Learning and Development, supporting both sides with organisation, events, bookings and anything else that may come our way. I have already helped with my first companywide All Together event with special guest, double Olympic gold medallist Tom Dean. I’m only weeks in! I don't think I can quite put into words the excitement I’m feeling about the new challenges and adventures that are coming my way, but also the happiness and sense of achievement I feel knowing that my hard work has paid off.