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18 May 2021

My name's Becks Bailey and I'm Camelot’s Learning and Development Manager. My role's all about helping people across Camelot reach their potential. I’ve been working in people development for the past six years, and I love being part of a business that puts so much emphasis on growth and learning.

Why have you introduced development months at Camelot?

We know from our engagement surveys that learning and development is really important to our people. One of the ways we support this is through regular development opportunities - enter our development months!

These events are designed to complement all the great learning that happens during the day job, and our aim is to inspire everyone to take a moment to learn something new. We've actually been running shorter learning events for the past two years (creatively called learning weeks!) and these always receive great feedback and participation. At our last count, over a third of the business was taking part in each event - with over 700 session places being booked on average. This year we've decided it's time to shake up the format, turning the usual week into a month so we can give even more people the chance to take part.

What are the benefits of having a month dedicated to development?

We know how busy everyone is, so it's great to have a few times in the year where we can bring development to the forefront of everyone's mind. Even if people don't actually attend a session, it's a great chance to take stock and think about what they want to achieve and how they're going to achieve it.

Tell us about the theme for May's development month and why you've chosen it.

We’re really excited about our theme for May, which is Skills for the Future. We’ve taken inspiration from the The World Economic Forum’s ‘top 10 job skills of tomorrow’ and we’ll be offering development sessions on a whole host of topics related to the top 10, including workshops on creativity, technology and leadership.

This theme was the winner for us, because we want to give our people opportunities to develop really relevant, useful skills that will serve them well both now and in the future. As a business, the theme makes sense too: we need to make sure we’re creating the conditions for everyone to have current, up-to-date skills and knowledge which will be essential for our future success.

Can you share some examples of the type of sessions taking place in May?

We've got over 30 sessions that people can choose from on a huge range of topics: from how to be more creative, to how to code and create your own website.

We've got sessions specifically focused for line managers and aspiring line managers, as well as ones that help you build wellbeing and resilience - such as meditation and mindfulness - and even how to get a great night's sleep (thanks to a National Lottery-funded Good Cause project).

We use a mix of internal and external facilitators, but one of our favourite things is when our own Camelot experts share their knowledge. This month we’re delighted to have our people sharing their skills and knowledge on a range of topics, from talks on their own business areas, to baking bread, making jam and even how to tackle fear and the things that hold you back.

Anything else to add?

Camelot's a brilliant business for anyone who's passionate about growing and learning new things. As well as our development months, we have tonnes in place to support you and your development, including our Lead YOUR Way leadership programmes, Strengthscope (a psychometric tool) and our Cinema Clubs, where we regularly get together to watch interesting speakers.

Camelot is a place to be you, and supporting your growth and development is a big part of that. And what better place to start than a whole month of learning?!