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19 February 2020

Learning and development aims to improve group and individual performance by increasing and honing skills and knowledge. The department is designed to align group and individual goals with the Camelot's overall vision and goals.

Nic (L&D manager) joins us from Majestic Wines and discusses how important Learning and Development teams are in the workplace.

"My role is to get people excited about learning, growing and developing themselves and giving them access to opportunities to do this at work. As I’m pretty new round here I spend a lot of time listening to people from all over Camelot to understand what they want and need from their L&D Manager. My role really is to support our people to be their best"

How important are Learning and Development departments?

Learning and development has a vital role to play in any company. Opportunities to learn and develop at work are really high up the priority list for many, myself included. From an individual perspective this helps us to feel like we’re going somewhere and we’re making steps towards achieving our professional and personal goals. From a company view, a well executed L&D plan can drive retention, engagement and performance. Investing in learning and development helps people feel valued and empowers them to contribute and connect to the bigger picture of the company. Encouraging and supporting people to challenge themselves and step outside their comfort zone can lead to great rewards for both the people and the company.

What projects do you have on at the moment?

My biggest project so far has been the launch of our Lead YOUR Way programme. This is a personal development programme giving Camelot managers the chance to obtain a Level 3 or Level 5 professional CMI qualification in Management and Leadership through the apprenticeship levy. This project is a massive team effort and has given me a great experience of what a supportive team Camelot is.

What is your favourite aspect of the role?

It’s a cliche but I love how varied my role is! There’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ week. What I do love is that I always have the chance to push myself and try new things. It’s such a people focused role that you often have to think on your feet and be really adaptable - I love that! Supporting others to challenge and develop themselves, and seeing how this helps them achieve their goals is hugely rewarding.

How do Camelot people respond to Learning and Development projects?

I’m a couple of months in and I can already see a real appetite for L&D here. There’s already an established culture of excitement around learning and also sharing new skills. Twice a year we deliver a huge programme of events during a company-wide Learning Week and attendance is really high. Many of these sessions are created and delivered by people who work here which is a clear sign of a healthy learning culture.