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15 July 2021

There are a few key moments in someone’s life; marriage, the birth of a child, buying a house etc, but also relatively high up on that list is starting a new job. As exciting as it can be, change can also be scary, nerve-racking and uncertain, so producing and delivering a Day One virtual onboarding session that welcomes new starters is critical to the happiness and success of our new people! Furthermore, as with every team over the last 16 months, we’ve had our challenges with COVID-19.

We’ve continued to hire great people

Unlike some companies, we continued with recruitment throughout the pandemic, moving from an in-person welcome to an all-virtual experience; whilst most importantly, keeping the focus on the new starters to give them the experience they deserve! In order to do this, it wasn’t just a task for the Recruitment Team, but a cross-functional and multi-departmental deliverable from Technology, Health & Safety, Facilities, Finance, and the People Team. We analysed the existing setup and made changes to deliver the presentation via Google Meet, as well as tailored the processes and invites for other internal teams to accommodate the virtual experience.

The onboarding experience is always evolving

Nine months on from introducing the virtual onboarding days, we measured the success, and the feedback was great but there was more we could do to improve them. This led to another refresh to ensure everything was up to date, as engaging as it could possibly be and to make sure the content equipped our new starters with the topics that set them up to be their best - including Camelot’s history, our strategic mission and details of the National Lottery games, our technology, processes and company benefits. We now also show the results of our amazing achievements from delivering together and how our new starters can develop and become a part of that.

A look back at what we’ve achieved

Over the last 16 months, we’ve run over 30 virtual Day One sessions, onboarding over 250 new starters into the business, but it doesn’t stop there. We’ll continue to adapt and change as we receive ongoing feedback, so that Day One is a brilliant start to a career at Camelot.

And finally - a message to new starters…

Please remember to communicate! Communication with your immediate team, but also your wider department, is really important to ensure you have an enjoyable and successful start to your journey.