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20 April 2021

At Camelot, we help our people connect with their local communities by supporting them with two volunteering days each year, as part of our Living Life Changing programme.

To tell us more about volunteering and how Camelot supported his fundraising passion, we’re joined by Toby, who works in our Customer Development Team...

How did you first get involved?

I first got into volunteering and fundraising in October 2020, I wanted to make a difference and support people who aren't in a fortunate position. My first experience of volunteering was via social media, using the power of the social platforms to raise awareness of campaigns.

Tell us a little about the fundraising campaigns you’ve been involved with.

I recently ran two campaigns, #ShirtsForBradley & #KitsForMeals -both of these campaigns ran on social media and both had Camelot’s support. For my first fundraiser, #KitsForMeals, the campaign consisted of a team event (with my team, the Customer Development Team) running over 200 miles in a week!

Through this event and with the external social media campaign, I raised just over £6,800 for FareShare UK - a charity network aimed at relieving food poverty and reducing food waste in the UK.

For my most recent campaign, #ShirtsForBradley, my team decided to do a Come Dine With Me week, where we each cooked meals and asked the rest of Camelot’s Retail Sales Team to vote on the winner. This campaign lasted seven days and raised nearly £3,800, all of which was in association with the Bradley Lowery Foundation - which aims to support families who are fundraising for treatment or equipment that is not readily available or covered by the NHS.

What are the benefits of volunteering and how does Camelot support you?

A key value here at Camelot is maximising returns to National Lottery Good Causes, which is also a value I live by myself. Camelot gives you two days a year to go and volunteer for a charity, which gives you a great sense of pride and personal achievement, knowing you're helping those in need.

Camelot actively encourages its people to utilise their volunteering days. The two days provided each year is a fantastic way to bond as a team. Also, Camelot will also match-fund up to £500 of your own fundraising efforts!

Any advice/tips on how someone could get started volunteering?

For me, you have to be passionate about the organisation you're volunteering for. I'm a huge football fan and both charities I chose to help had ties to football, which made me even more passionate and driven to make my campaigns a success.