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27 April 2021

At Camelot we’re always considering new ways to attract and hire a diverse group of people. This is something that our recruitment team has been working extremely hard on, looking at methods and initiatives to make the hiring process more inclusive and accessible. To tell us more, we’re joined by Michael, who is one of our Resourcing Business Partners…

What are the benefits of hiring a diverse workforce?

Our games are played and enjoyed by millions of people, every single week. To ensure that this continues, it is really important that the people who work at Camelot are representative of the population when considering gender, race, disability and education.

Making sure that our people have diversity of thought and ideas will allow us to create games that people love to play, and to help us build really strong relationships with our retail partners.

How have you recently improved inclusivity and diversity during the recruitment process?

We have taken a number of steps to try and promote inclusivity and to highlight the benefits of diversity when recruiting new people. These include asking hiring managers about the makeup of their team at the beginning of a recruitment process, to get them thinking about how diverse their team currently is. We also run our job adverts through readability and gender balance testing software to check that they are as balanced and easy to read as possible.

Tell us about how you combat unconscious bias when recruiting.

We have installed software which allows for us, as a recruitment team, to view anonymised CVs at screening stage. We then present a blind and balanced shortlists to hiring managers wherever possible, as well as arranging diverse interview panels. These measures are all on top of the mandatory unconscious bias training that the entire company has gone through.

Do you educate hiring managers on inclusive interview techniques?

To make sure that all candidates receive an equal opportunity to perform well at interview stage, we make sure that interview questions are consistent across candidates and answers are marked against criteria, based on our company values. We hire exclusively on talent, and make decisions solely on what we hear from the candidates during the interview.

Anything else to add?

At present, we report on our gender pay gap, and are looking at other metrics that could help support us on our journey. We are always looking at new ways to improve our diversity and have a number of other projects in the pipeline to continue making our recruitment process as inclusive as possible... so watch this space!