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01 October 2018

It's been an exciting week at Camelot following the launch of our refreshed values, we have certainly been celebrating success! The values have not changed dramatically, but we have tweaked them to make sure they resonate with our people, truly reflect our mission and fit with where Camelot is today and where it's heading.

Everything we do revolves around our values, they are an explicit signal to all of us about what is important and what behaviours we should demonstrate. They guide our actions and decisions and provide a framework to talk to each other about how we behave. Overall, they ensure we are always operating with integrity.

We took a collaborative approach to this update, we asked employees from across the business, as well as our CEO, Nigel, and members of our Executive team, what the values mean to them and what they want our values to mean going forward - a real example of us delivering together!

We are here to change lives and make extraordinary things happen, that is our ‘why’ and our values make up our ‘how’. We can only achieve what we want to achieve by taking ownership. As Neil Kellar, COO said ‘our values are integral to everything that we do’.

In case you haven't worked them out yet, this is what we came up with:


We make extraordinary things happen every day. We know we get the best results when we work together – sharing knowledge and expertise and building trust.


The nation can count on us to take care of The National Lottery because we do what’s right.


What we do matters. We make an extraordinary contribution to the nation, and we take great pride in doing the best work possible.


To make extraordinary things happen, we challenge ourselves to innovate and do better every day.


At the heart of The National Lottery is optimism, celebration and giving. We bring that spirit to life in our work.

Thinking Differently

We rolled out the new values across the business last week complete with new lanyards (which went down very well!), new branding on the walls around the office and series of employee-led videos including a special welcome message from our COO, Neil. You can’t turn a corner in Camelot without stumbling across one of these bright bold icons and the reactions from our people so far have been great. This is what some of us had to say...

‘’Operating with integrity is a value that really resonates with me - it is the nation's lottery, and we have to have our players' interests at the centre of everything we do. If they can't trust us, they won't trust the lottery and then where would we be?’’

Greg, Head of Business Relations

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got".... one of my favourite quotes which I think encapsulates this value really well. Our business/market will be constantly evolving so it's important to keep ahead of the game to remain relevant and competitive. thinking differently will enable us to do this.’’

Eleanor, HR Business Partner

"Camelot is not a huge organisation, we achieve a lot with a relatively small number of people which means we can only succeed through delivering together.’’

Amy, Employer Brand Specialist

If you take ownership with your work, you achieve more & have pride in what you have accomplished.”

Kandyse, Process and Compliance Executive

Working in an environment where there is a positive atmosphere makes everyone's work a little easier, and makes the day go a little faster. I believe that celebrating our successes and acknowledging those that have done well is a huge contributor to creating that environment.

James, Distribution Operative

To find out what our values mean, visit our all new values page and be sure to check out the Let's Talk Values videos to hear what our employees have to say about each one.