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16 July 2019

Meet Michelle. Michelle is the hero of our latest advertising campaign for The National Lottery. She is also our very own Contact Centre Manager. Watch her star performance and find out why AMAZING starts with her here:

What’s your Camelot story?

I’ve been working in Contact Centres for over 30 years mainly within the travel industry. In 2014 I took a different path and joined Camelot. Working in travel is really exciting, so I knew I had to move to something that would excite and interest me just as much. Camelot is such an exciting place to work, who can say they have starred in their company's TV advert on National Television?... I CAN!

Tell us about your current role.

I work with all our inbound channels as the Contact Centre Manager, which includes: Social Media, Web-chat, Customer Service and our Inbound Telephone lines and we support our Retailers and Players which of course includes our winners. I work with different departments from across the business such as our learning and development team where I recently ran a session during learning week. I also organise Customer Operations offsite events. My role is so varied, I just never know what is going to happen from day to day.

What skills help you succeed in this role?

Being a strong people leader is a must for this role. I love seeing people develop and move to different parts of Camelot to fulfil dream roles. It’s important that I’m really open minded and willing to try new things in this very fast paced environment. I enjoy the mix of making the day job enjoyable for the team so that we always deliver brilliantly together whilst achieving our goals.

What’s the best part of your job?

Without a doubt talking/listening to all our winning calls, be it £12million pounds or £800 pounds. Everyone has a story and different dreams on what they will do with their winnings. It really puts a smile on my face.

What’s been your Camelot highlight?

It has to be staring in The National Lottery TV advert. I had the chance to audition for the hero role and it was very exciting to be chosen. I had to take time out of my day job to shoot the advert and it was an amazing experience. I still can't believe I appear on prime time TV for the UK to see!

Helping with Learning week this year is also something I’m really proud of. I held one hour classes teaching more than fifty people to knit. It is so good for mental health and mindfulness, I even won an award for all the great positive feedback!

If you didn’t work at Camelot, what would your dream job be?

I really love baking and would like to own a tea shop in a beautiful seaside location where I looked out to sea and had the fresh sea breeze to inhale all day. I am also a massive F1 fan and would love to be a personal assistant to an F1 driver so I got to be on the grid and knew all the inside info!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work my husband and I are really keen gardeners, we love nothing more than pottering around our garden/vegetable patch. We also love to travel and coming from a travel background I have visited many countries such as China, 22 states in USA and Australia to name a few.