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18 June 2019

Name: Manny

Role: IMC Team Manager

Location: Watford

Time at Camelot: 4.5 years

What’s your Camelot story?

I joined the Incident Management Centre team over 4.5 years ago with a Business & Media and Cultural Studies degree. I was attracted to Camelot as I saw it as a place I could not only utilise my skills but also be able to grow and expand on them. I also love that Camelot is such a well respected company in the UK. I first joined as a technician and have progressed to a team manager role. I've had lots of support to grow and opportunities to build on my knowledge which has been great.

What does your current role entail?

My role as IMC Manager is to work with my team to make sure that there are a maximum number of lottery machines working and trading at any given time. We do this by providing technical support over the phone. We dispatch engineers to fix faulty equipment and we also resolve faults remotely with the network tools at our disposal. We currently have over 44,000 lottery retailers across the UK so our days are very busy. As a team we strive to grow and build our relationships between National Lottery retailers, 3rd party engineering companies, internal & external stakeholders and to provide our retailers with the best possible service.

What skills help you succeed in this role?

Being analytical and innovative. Analytical to be able to spot trends in equipment faults and being innovative enough to come up with the best solutions to prevent, maintain or minimise the spread of these faults across the retailer estate.

Communication is key because I work closely with many people around the business including colleagues from customer operations and also our technology teams.

What’s the best part of your job?

I am proud of our purpose. The money we raise for good causes (on average £30 million every week) and the impact we have within local communities is incredible. I also think the contribution we have made to elite sport and the Olympics is great, as well as the continued support we are able to give to athletes across the UK.

What has been your Camelot highlight?

My Camelot highlight has been leading the Q&A session of our Chairman Sir Hugh Robertson. This was one of the first things I've done completely outside of my role. It was amazing to receive all the positive feedback and it's something I will do again in a heartbeat.

If you didn’t work at Camelot, what would be your dream job?

I would be an inventor. I'd love to be able to create something that people use as part of their everyday life and change the way they interact with the world. I'd like the process of seeing it being produced, advertised, sold to the world. Imagine being Kevin Systrom who is the creator of Instagram and watching how far it has come!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy playing football. I am currently part of a solid 5-a-side Powerleague team. We are champions of course with the kit to match. I'm also a bit of a gamer when I can find the time. Some of my funniest moments and