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04 March 2020

Emma started at the Camelot Contact Centre in April 2018, having recently graduated from university and looking for a job with Monday to Friday hours while she thought about what she wanted to do next.

Emma had just graduated with a Politics Degree and she knew that she wanted to do something in that field but wasn’t entirely sure what...


My manager in the Contact Centre encouraged me to explore the options at Camelot and develop internally. I ended up getting in contact with and meeting the Policy and Public Affairs team. I knew very quickly that Public Affairs was something I wanted to pursue and I was able to shadow the team and learn more about what they did.

When a job came up on the team, I knew that it was the opportunity I’d been looking for and had to apply. I’ve now been working in Policy and Public Affairs for nearly a year and haven’t looked back!


I am a junior member of the team and so on a day to day basis I can be doing any number of things, from helping to organise events, to writing letters to MPs, to monitoring political developments that affect Camelot and The National Lottery. Every day is different, which is part of the reason why I enjoy it so much!


As the department is called Policy and Public Affairs, a good understanding of politics is obviously very important! I studied Politics at university and have an interest in it outside of work, which helps with understanding how political developments are relevant to Camelot and The National Lottery.

I’ve also found that organisation and communication skills are key, it’s very fast-paced and we are often reacting to political developments. Therefore it’s really crucial to be able to keep track of and be able to respond to everything going on politically alongside day-to-day work.


I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many amazing people who use National Lottery funding to make their communities a better place. It’s always inspiring to be able to talk to the individuals who set up and run the Good Causes that The National Lottery raises money for and reminds me why I love being part of a company that makes it possible.

As Camelot employees, we get two days a year to volunteer and it’s always good to give back to our local community and get a better understanding of how Lottery funding has helped local projects. Just before Christmas I volunteered at our annual Christmas party with Age UK for people in Watford. It’s fantastic that Camelot run it as you could see how much it meant to the attendees.


My Camelot highlight has been getting my current job! Throughout my time here I’ve had so many opportunities to develop both my skills and career.

All of my managers at Camelot have been so supportive in getting me to think about my personal development and it has really made a difference to my career development. It’s also been lovely to see colleagues that I used to work with develop into a variety of roles across the business.

A very close second in terms of highlights was helping to organise an event last year celebrating 25 years of Camelot running The National Lottery with our external stakeholders. It took a lot of planning but it paid off when everything came together. It was great to be able to reflect on the impact that The National Lottery has had across the UK with the people that have made it happen over the last quarter of a century (including a former Prime Minister!).