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16 May 2019

Meet Jimi. Jimi has worked in our Social Media team at our Watford HQ for a year now. Our players love to get in touch with us through our social channels so the chat keeps him busy. We asked him to share the inside scoop on his work day and here's what he had to say...

Day in life of social media engager

Can you describe a typical day as a Social Media Engager at Camelot?

We work three shift patterns currently. An early at 7.45am, a mid at 11.30am and a late shift that we work from home that starts at 2.30pm. It’s great having the flexibility to work from home and the office. We respond to messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Our task is to increase brand positivity through our responses. We then measure how negative or positive our feedback from players is and use this data to help us give the best experience in future. Our job allows for a lot of flair in our responses and this can create some good banter among the team. It’s important to remember we aren’t just speaking to one player, our replies are available to anyone on any social media platform and must represent our positive manner, but also steer clear of generic corporate speak. We want to inspire!

What does lunchtime look like for you?

The pool table is my go to on any lunch. We normally get an hour so I try to eat from the canteen (which is subsidised and very well priced!) and then get a spot on the table.

What's the best thing about your day?

We make ourselves laugh through replies on our social channels. I also like to try to use the most obscure emojis in my responses.

A day in life of a social media engager

What challenges you the most?

Making sure the players get the right information can be tough because there’s a variety of questions we get asked. It’s important that we move with the times and learn what best engages our players and brings the brand the most positivity. I think it’s good that we are moving away from the formal approach and this seems to have been met warmly by the public.

A day in life of a social media engager

Tell us about your favourite work perks.

Food is the way to my heart! Cakes, pizza, cookies, snacks they can always be found somewhere.

There are many great perks to the job itself, Camelot offers 50% back on my annual gym membership. I enjoy the gym and it’s great knowing that every January I will receive a few hundred pound extra in my pay. I also get 50% back on my contact lenses, so all my stuff is half price!

Tell us your favourite story at work.

Everyone at Camelot is given two days a year to volunteer. On one of our volunteer day someone from my team turned up ready to clear parkland in an expensive shirt and Armani jeans. When he saw all of us were in our oldest, warmest and most comfortable threads, he realised his wardrobe wasn’t appropriate. His volunteer day was paused for a quick trip to Primark. He returned ready to get stuck into the hard work and we still laugh about it today.

What skills have you developed during your time at Camelot that you didn't expect to?

The detail is not only important, it’s essential. We are regulated and we have to make sure we don’t break any ethical standards with our replies. We also work closely with advertising standards and TV companies to ensure we do not influence the results of consumer polls or promote something we shouldn’t.

A day in life of a social media engager

What makes you proud to work at Camelot?

I’m very proud of much we give to Good Causes. We also make people’s dreams come true. One ticket helps thousands of Good Causes across the UK. We get two charity days per year as part of our work week and it’s great to give back. I’m proud to tell people I work for Camelot and this is the first time I’ve felt true job satisfaction.

A day in life of a social media engager