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28 March 2019

There’s a million more working mums now than 20 years ago and nearly three quarters of today’s mothers with dependant children are in full and part time jobs. It’s easier than ever to be a working mum with better childcare financial benefits and businesses offering more job flexibility.

Balancing home and a professional life can feel like a real juggle sometimes and it’s not always easy but there’s lots to love. We reached out to some mums around Camelot and asked them why they love being a working mum and here’s what they had to say:

1. Being A Great Role Model

The best thing about being a working mum is that I get to encourage my child to become independent and I can show them that having a career is a great thing!
Mads, Corporate Responsibility Executive - has worked at Camelot for 4 years

2. Having A Work Identity

I enjoy having time to be "me" when I'm at work. Not "mummy" or "wife" (not that I don't also love being those things!), I don't have to think about home or other responsibilities when I'm working and can enjoy the intellectual challenge of my job.
Alison, Head of Corporate Responsibility - has worked at Camelot for 5 years

3. Building My Career

Finding a balance can be really tough sometimes, but it makes it worthwhile when I can provide a stable life for my son and at the same time focus on growing and building my career in a job that I love.
Sarah, Team Co-ordinator CEO Office - has worked at Camelot for 6 years

4. Having The Best Of Both Worlds

When I get the crazy juggle right, I get to do a job I love AND spend time with the kids. I am lucky enough to work 4 days a week so I have a whole day to focus a little on me and a whole lot on the kids - making us all happy.
Niamh, Head of People Experience - has worked at Camelot for 1 year

5. Hot Coffee, Great Music, Long Drives

Taking some time for myself and not feeling guilty about it. I get the pleasure of driving to work in peace and listening to the music of my choice or a good audiobook, rather than Frozen on repeat. Then arriving at work and sitting down at my desk can feel like a relaxing spa break. Going to the bathroom without an audience, or popping downstairs for a (hot) coffee isn't an everyday luxury these days!
Hayley, Senior Solicitor - has worked at Camelot for 3 years


If you’re a working mum looking for your next move come and check out the job opportunities we have available at Camelot. We offer an environment where you can feel free to work normal working hours AND feel supported. We also offer excellent maternity benefits, shared parental schemes and we’ll set you up with a work kit that will allow you to work flexibly at any time, in any location.