Prevention is better than cure

How we’re using behavioural analytics to create game-changing ways for customers to manage the way they play

There are very few instances of excessive play at The National Lottery, but we’re not ones for counting our chickens. Our latest innovation project with behavioural analytics company Featurespace, is an in-depth study into the different patterns that lead to harmful play.

Over the past two years, we’ve been analysing historic datasets to build up an accurate picture of what these patterns look like. Then, in December 2015, we launched a live trial to see if we can not only identify the patterns in real time, but target responsible-play messaging to our at-risk players.

We’re testing everything: from different colours to the content and tone of the messages. We’re the first lottery operator to collaborate with Featurespace and we’re proud that this pioneering research will make sure our players continue to have fun, the tools available to make sure they can stay in control of their playing habits.

We really admire Camelot’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of player protection

David Excell
Co-founder of Featurespace

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