Barclays Pingit

Why we introduced a quicker way to pay and play our games on mobile

With six out of every 10 visits to the National Lottery website now from smartphones or tablets, we wanted to make it easier for our players to register, pay and play. So in June 2015, we launched Barclays Pingit.

Just as with our digital wallet, Pingit users can receive their tickets for draw based games such as Lotto, Thunderball and Euromillions directly to their mobile device, as well as play instant-win games. The difference is that, with Pingit, they can play without having to first top up £10 minimum on their digital wallet.

Pingit makes the process of playing faster and simpler – especially for new players – while retaining all of our responsible play features. Pingit still provides the equivalent over-16 age verification and anti-money laundering checks that we expect from our retailers and other digital systems, but does it faster using data from a trusted third-party. It also allows us to prevent banned players from buying tickets.

Data-driven decisions

After evaluating the market, we chose Pingit because it was the most commercially viable option that had early scale – it was the first person-to-person mobile payments app in the UK. It also generates valuable data that we can learn from to improve the experience for our players in the future. For example, Pingit player tends to be 16-34 years old, male, and an Apple iOS user.

We know that 54% of Pingit players are new to the National Lottery – our target market for the app. Players have also praised the customer experience, saying that it’s “fast and easy to use” and that it’s “obvious what to do”.

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