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Leading the field of digital lottery innovation and e-commerce.

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Camelot’s marketing and partnering skills are matched by its expertise in project management and technological knowhow. In all organisations the IT infrastructure is a critical component of the business, but in Camelot it is also our trading platform.

As part of our third Licence bid commitment, Camelot rolled out a network of new terminals, media screens and satellite dishes across its retailers – the largest, and fastest, lottery upgrade of its kind in the world. This was followed by a rollout of 8,000 new full terminals in 2012 and then 10,000 standalone Scratchcard terminals in 2014 – taking the total number of National Lottery retailers to around 47,000, with independent outlets making up the majority.

In retail, Camelot’s ground-breaking National Lottery Fast Pay service was a world-first. It enables players to store their game preferences on a re-usable card and play draw-based games at the checkout.

Camelot leads the field of digital lottery innovation and e-commerce, operating Europe’s largest online lottery in terms of sales. In 2014, we launched a major new online and mobile platform, which is transforming the way players interact with National Lottery games across all devices – especially on mobiles where, for the very first time, players are now able to play Instant Win Games.

In addition, we introduced Barclays Pingit as the first-ever mobile payment option offered by The National Lottery in 2015. Providing smartphone users with a great ‘quick pay and play’ experience, it offers players even greater access and convenience, and enhances The National Lottery’s existing online payment options.