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We work with a variety of stakeholder groups and use a range of consultation methods.

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Our stakeholders – people who are affected by Camelot or who have an affect on the way we do business – are an integral part of how we build our business strategy.

We work with a variety of stakeholder groups and use a range of consultation methods. Listening to the views of our stakeholders helps us to define and further embed responsible behaviour within our business – and to understand and address our social, environmental and economic impacts.

This diverse range of stakeholders includes our employees, our players and the wider public, our retailers, suppliers, the Government, media, the Gambling Commission which regulates us, the National Lottery distribution bodies, public-interest groups and the local communities in which we operate.

We are open in sharing our plans, and in turn seek the views of these groups on what we aim to achieve. To maintain a consistent level of discourse with our stakeholders we have chosen to use the AA1000 AccountAbility Principles Standard (AA1000 APS), which uses three main principles:

  • Inclusivity – we seek to understand and be accountable to our stakeholders. We ascertain relevant stakeholders by identifying those who have an interest in or an impact on our future plans.
  • Materiality – we use stakeholder panels, internal governance structures and risk management processes to discuss and review the issues that are of paramount importance to our business and its stakeholders.
  • Responsiveness – we respond to the issues that are of importance to us and our stakeholders, and report on the efficiency of reaching our targets throughout the year.

Finding out what is important to stakeholders is fundamental to how we act responsibly as a business, so maintaining an open dialogue is essential.