Why I chose Camelot

For Rebecca Bowles, being empowered to follow her curiosity and learn new skills has given her the space to create the career that’s right for her

I’ve always been very ambitious. I knew I wanted to work for an organisation with lots of room for career development. Camelot hasn’t disappointed. Over the past four years, I’ve been empowered to learn new skills and find my own way.

I came into Camelot on a temporary contract to install 8,000 new terminals. I was still figuring out what I wanted to do but, by the time the project ended, I knew I liked the company.

I was offered a role in the Incident Management Centre (IMC), which meant providing technical support for the contact centre, retailers and engineers. It was my first introduction into a technical side of the business and it led, two years later, to a role in the Quality and Compliance team.

Rebecca Bowles

Information Security Officer

My curiosity to find out more about the business has led to my current role

Rebecca Bowles


Around this time, I saw an ‘extra responsibility role’ come up for a department called the ‘Draw Team’. It was another chance for me learn more about the business while still developing in my Quality and Compliance role. 

The Draw Team conducts the Lotto, Hotpicks, Thunderball and EuroMillions draws and raffles and as Draw Officer I work alongside the independent adjudicators. Recently my role’s grown to include conducting the draws live on BBC ONE.

Although I didn’t know it at the time, my curiosity to find out more about the business has led to my current role in Information Security as a Compliance Officer. I’ve been in the role for nine months and I love it. I’m in touch with teams across our UK and global business.  

What would I say to someone thinking about joining Camelot? If you’re ambitious, eager to learn and want to work for a company that has great personal development opportunities then Camelot is for you!

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