Personal development is mega rewarding

Thanks to Mega Friday Chris Saunders lends his professional expertise to an MS charity for one day every month

One of the benefits of working at Camelot is Mega Friday: we all have one day a month to spend on personal development. It’s been hugely popular. I have one of my team improving his programming skills, and another is providing knowledge transfer training within the team. For me, I offer my services to a local multiple sclerosis charity.

The charity is close to my heart, so to be able to make a difference to the way they run their services is really rewarding. One day a month I go in and help them with everything from network patching and asset management, right down to WIFI and printer issues.

It’s not just troubleshooting: I show them how they can use tech to run the organisation better, whether its options on where they can save costs or a demo session on how to use Google Hangouts for home-working.

Chris Saunders

Storage Administrator Team Lead

The charity are very appreciative, but it also gives me skills I can take back to Camelot

Chris Saunders


The charity are very appreciative, but it also gives me skills I can take back to Camelot. When I’m at the MS centre I have to deal with everything. That leads me into new areas that my day job wouldn’t otherwise take me. It could be research into networking or it could be something simple like learning to deal with Macbooks.

Mega Friday is a great initiative. I’ve been doing it for a year now and it’s enabled to me to broaden my skill-set and experience, while assisting a charity that’s important to me.

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