Meet the Technology teams

We power the games of The National Lottery... that change lives.

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Business Relations

We provide the bridge between the technology services Camelot provides and the users of those services around the business. We are responsible for ensuring the technology needs of our users are captured and understood, and work with the technical teams to deliver solutions that support Camelot's business, ensuring high-quality services are delivered that continue to meet evolving business needs.


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We help make the right decisions for Camelot's future by questioning and socialising the big changes that our business seeks to make. We support the development of Camelot's Technology strategy which in itself supports the business strategy, making sure we continue to grow our returns to Good Causes.


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Quality Assurance

We manage and own the test functions within Camelot UK. This covers gaming & non-gaming programmes through to hands-on testing and building a continuously improving environment. 


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Information Security

We are responsible for helping us all to protect the integrity of the both the National Lottery and the other lotteries supported by Camelot Global.

Meet the team 

Ap mgt

Application Management

We ensure the smooth performance running of all the software and data systems underpinning The National Lottery web, mobile and lottery terminal estate.



We keep the show on the road, wrangling and enhancing the complex virtualised (and increasingly cloud-based) kit that our multi-million user base hammer every draw night!

desktop support

Desktop & Support Services

We provide our employees with first-line assistance, delivering an effective and efficient service to keep Camelot running smoothly.



We are the eyes and ears of our Technology function, monitoring the performance of our key systems and making sure our lottery draws run smoothly and without incident.


Change & Release Management

We are guardians of Camelot’s technology systems, ensuring changes and new releases to our production environments are made in a controlled manner, and that quality and integrity are maintained.  

draw team3

Draw Team

We deliver all National Lottery draws while maintaining the security and integrity of Camelot UK Lotteries Limited. We are responsible for looking after all of our draw machines and we work on the live lottery draws at Pinewood studios.