Meet Michael, Lead Retail Network Architect in the Technology Team.

Michael has worked at Camelot for over 18 years. Here he shares some insight into the world of Retail Network Architecture.

Tell us a little about your role and what your team does.

I am currently the Lead Retail Network Architect working for the Head of Architecture.

Describe what you do in a sentence or two.

My role is to architect any infrastructure and network solution to support all project initiatives within Camelot. I work with all subject matter experts within Technology to create the best solutions to meet the business needs.

What does your normal day look like?

My normal day consists of attending project meetings and working with the technical teams to create the necessary designs to service projects. I also help with any BAU tasks that need my experience in the retail estate.

Tell us about your Camelot journey so far.

My career at Camelot began in 1998 when I joined GTECH UK as a Communication Engineer supporting Camelot. I then became a Camelot employee joining the Network team as a Senior Engineer. Over time, I became the Team Lead and then Manager of the Network Team, until 2013 when I moved into the Architecture world.

What is the best thing about working at Camelot? 

I have always found that Camelot feels like a family and there is always someone who will support you. Every day is different and therefore learning new things is always on the agenda.

What has been your Camelot highlight?

My Camelot career highlight to date was designing new cellular connectivity for the Compact Lottery Terminal estate and introducing this technology to Camelot. I am excited that this technology will be something that can be used for terminal connectivity in the future as the primary option.

What do you do outside of work? 

Outside of work I enjoy sailing with my daughter, we are members of the local yacht club and own a sailing dinghy. I also enjoy running and cycling to try and keep fit.

Where is your favourite place in the world?

I have two places, one is Yokohama in Japan, where I was born and the other is Rome in Italy, as I enjoy the history and the architecture of the city. 

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