A Day In The Life Of A Retail Sales Executive

Meet Steve.

Meet Steve. Steve is a Retail Sales Executive for the West London area. Life before Camelot for Steve was Marketing and Sales focussed having previously worked in the Sales team at Diageo and Marketing team at Toyota. He has worked at Camelot for 10 years and during his time has had a really successful career as an RSE. He's also had some opportunities to take on some secondment opportunities in our Marketing team at our Watford HQ.

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Can you describe a typical day in your role as a Retail Sales Executive at Camelot?
I usually leave my house about 07:00 and will arrive at my first call between 07:30 and 08:00. I visit anywhere from 10-12 independent or multiple accounts across the day and interact with various contacts, from store managers in multiple accounts to the owners and staff of small independent retailers. 

I ensure all my retailer accounts are up to date with exciting Lotto and EuroMillions events/draws or any new Scratchcards to the market and I also have strategic conversations that helps to drive sales to their stores. I help them work towards perfect in-store execution with my focus being distribution, merchandising and retailer advocacy.

I speak to various team members throughout the day to see how they are getting on and share how my day is going. I spend about an hour working from home where I will reply to any emails, return phone calls and plan my calls for the next day. I usually end my day at approximately 17:00.

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What does lunchtime look like for you?
When I first joined the company, I would always fit in fast food - KFC or a McDonald's but after a number of years this takes its toll! I now prefer to take a healthy packed lunch so I don't have to worry about eating whatever's available there and then.

What’s the best thing about your day?
When I've agreed an action with a retailer on a previous visit and It’s been carried out on my next. It’s great to have made a difference!

What challenges you the most?
The biggest challenge for me would be getting stuck in traffic and having to find alternative routes to get to my retailers.

Tell us about your work perks...
The perks are great! The company car, iPhone, dental scheme, private medical care, lifeworks, access to Savealott - for discounts at my favourite retailers to mention but a few. All contribute to a rewarding package from Camelot.

Tell us your favourite story about a retailer…
A retailer once asked me for the winning numbers. I randomly shouted out three numbers as I left the store (completely made up). The next day he called to tell me he played the Lotto Hotpicks with those numbers and they came up - he'd won £800!  A very happy retailer! (If only I could play!).

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What skills have you developed during your time at Camelot that you didn’t expect to?
My IT skills have improved significantly especially around Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint but also communicating effectively to various audiences internally and externally. My parking skills have definitely improved on the roads of London! :-)

What makes you proud to work at Camelot?
Seeing local projects funded by the National Lottery and being able to share these with retailers and players, make me proud of what I do. I am in a role which has a direct influence 

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