Our Retailer Network

What they say.

There are 44,000 retailers that sell National Lottery products. You don’t get a retailer network much bigger than that! Our products help create excitement in their stores, increasing footfall and ultimately sales. The National Lottery funding helps their communities in so many ways. They also get to be the bearer of good news and tell their customers they have a winning ticket. Here at Camelot, we keep our customers close to heart and we are very pleased that The National Lottery is very close to our retailers' hearts.

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Some words straight from our retailers -

On a regular customer winning £250,000 on a Scratchcard... 

“It was great to see one of our regular customers win such a big prize and the staff were all delighted for her. This isn’t the first time that one of our customers has won a big prize and we have certainly been busier and selling a lot more Scratchcards since we have become known as the luckiest store in Kilmarnock!”
- McColls Staff

That buzzy feeling in their stores when there is a Jackpot Mega Week...

“There is always a buzz during a Mega Week, I love them and the customers do too, we use every piece of kit and ask customers what they would do if they won! If I won the EuroMillions mega jackpot I would hire a jet and holiday with my family!”
- Kelly Downing, Spar
Catshill, Bromsgrove

“Great news for my customers - there’s a real buzz in store as we remind all the players and ask them to remember who sold them the ticket if they win! Linked products such as Scratchcards, wines and spirits and snacks also sell well on these events as excitement grows – a great opportunity and I will use it to maximise my stores customer service and sales!”
- Barrie and Tracy Carter
Carter News, Jarrow

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On The National Lottery helping to increase store sales….

“It’s great for our sales when we have events on EuroMillions such as Mega weeks and big Jackpot events. It brings more customers into my store and we get many more people playing, particularly for Friday events!”
- AJ, AJ’s Convenience

“We love jackpot events, we start telling our customers about them a couple of weeks before they take place so we can create a buzz leading up to the big day. This has a noticeable effect on ticket purchases and we look forward to a big uptake for each event.”
- Trish Lettley EJ Teares

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