Employee Spotlight

Meet Matt

Hi, I'm Matt, I'm a Resourcing Advisor and I have been at Camelot for around a year. The most important thing about being a Resourcing Advisor within Camelot is the ability to work with a wide range of stakeholders in short timescales. One second I could be speaking to a Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, then the next call could be to an excited Graduate looking to start their career with Camelot.

What did you do before joining Camelot?

I Graduated in the summer of 2016 after studying Business & Human Resource Management at Portsmouth University. After Graduating I immediately got into recruitment at an executive search agency in London. This was a huge reality shock as I realised my usual 3pm nap was no longer possible, but straight away I loved the buzz of recruitment and sales. After a year I saw Camelot advertising for an internal Recruitment Advisor, the well-known brand and location made this too good an opportunity to miss and I haven’t looked back since.

What made you want to work in a people focused role?

For me, HR and working with people has come naturally - my degree confirmed my idea of working in a people focused role and there is no better feeling than finding a candidate, building a strong rapport, onboarding them successfully into the company and then seeing them smash their targets and become a valued employee!

What has been your Camelot highlight so far?

My biggest highlight (besides the Christmas party) was filling one of our digital roles which had been open from before I joined.

How has working at Camelot helped you to develop personally and professionally?

When I joined, I think my boss and my team would agree, I was very result oriented and blinkered when it came to work. I believed the harder you work the more you achieve. However, one thing I have learnt and I am still trying to master, is the ability to bring everyone else with you in achieving results. This means being far more aware and empathetic of my colleagues and helping them out wherever possible.

What makes you proud to work for Camelot?

Camelot not only gives employees the ability to be in control of their own future but actively supports progression - there have been some amazing success stories of people working their way into senior roles and moving into different departments to pursue their dream.

How do you love to spend your free time?

I spend a lot of time in the gym as my favourite hobby is eating!


matt fisher

What’s the craziest thing on your bucket list?

In University, three friends and I bought a car for £300 and drove from London to Bratislava and back through 10 countries and over 3,000 miles. We want to re-do this and record as much as possible to make a short film.

What's your dream holiday destination?

Bali - it just looks awesome!

If you could click your fingers and suddenly have a new talent, what would it be and why?

Be able to do magic tricks with a pack of cards!

If you had to do a Man vs Food type challenge what food would you choose?

CHICKEN NUGGETS ALL THE WAY! I once thought it would be funny to try and eat 60 chicken nuggets in half an hour, I managed 50 in 15 minutes so I think the next thing would be to try and eat 10 Chicken Mayos from McDonald's.