Hi there.

We are the Tax team.

There is nothing typical about us. We are the only Tax team in the U.K. who has to manage the monthly submission of the Lottery Duty Returns and payment of the Lottery Duty to the government at 12% of our sales! 

Our main role in the Tax Team is to ensure that we are ahead of the game by ensuring that we fulfill all of our tax obligations. We are responsible for managing all relevant taxes that affect Camelot and as a business, we pay c£900m of taxes each year!

We work closely with many areas of the business and offer guidance and support on everything from employee Company Cars to the annual Christmas party.

We are a sociable department and our very own Amandeep is part of the Finance Social Committee. 

Our responsibilities: 

  • ensure all tax reporting obligations are fulfilled through completing and submitting accurate tax returns

  • pay all taxes by statutory due dates to ensure we do not incur any interest and penalties

  • ensure that we are fully compliant in terms of any changes in accounting and tax rules and keep abreast of these changes

  • work with the business to advise on the tax implications of any new projects

  • actively manage the relationships with our key stakeholders which includes HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

  • continually look at ways to make improvements to our processes.


We mainly deal with the following taxes which are all set out in law and governed by HMRC:

  • Corporation Tax – a tax that companies have to pay based on their profits.

  • VAT (Value Added Tax) – a tax on supplies of goods and services both received and made.

  • Lottery Duty – a tax on the sale of lottery tickets, scratchcards and Instant Win Games.

  • Employer Taxes – various taxes on a company as a result of being an employer. 

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