Not what you expect.

Meet Security Operations.

We are not your typical finance team because...we are here to safeguard the security and integrity of The National Lottery.

It is very important to us and to Camelot, that we help maintain player trust in The National Lottery. The team conducts many activities and roles to prevent, detect and deter any potential threat to The National Lottery and to Camelot or its staff. Most of our effort is in investigating complaints or incidents affecting players or retailers alike.  We also liaise with the police to provide support or evidence for their investigations.

We investigate complaints about prize payment disputes no matter what the value.  The investigator will talk to the player and the retailer to understand the full story to ensure we get to the right outcome. Occasionally, we will terminate the retailer’s status as a National Lottery agent and we also report any theft or fraud attempts to the police.

We also run Operation Child, a Licence commitment, to conduct 11,600 annual mystery shopper tests to determine if retailers are selling, or are likely to sell to persons under the age of 16.  We use people who are old enough to buy National Lottery tickets, but who we would expect the retailer, or their staff, to challenge for proof of age, thus showing they have safeguards in place to prevent underage sales.

We also have a role to play in:

  • draw adjudication

  • Bankline administration

  • high tier prize payment

  • scratchcard game security

  • stolen scratchard charging

  • emergency/threat response incident management


Security Ops


We are strong problem solvers and quite resilient when it comes to dealing with difficult situations.  However, all the team members are of a similar nature when it comes to living the Camelot values, with a strong foundation of integrity thrown in. We are split into two teams:


1. The Intelligence Team  

We receive and collate all incident reporting received from many sources, but mainly via Customer Operations and Player Services, and provide support to the investigators with information or assistance.  They also resolve prize claim complaints on stolen scratchcards. 

2. The Investigators  

They are out and about around the country every day dealing with complaints.  Not all our investigations are in response to a complaint received, some come out of our data monitoring capability, which can detect suspicious activity on a terminal.  This means we can be proactive in protecting players and retailers. 

Whichever side you work on, Security Operations is a great team to work in, each day brings something new and we get to see all aspects of the business including the effects our games and processes have on players and retailers.  Every day we go home knowing we’ve made a difference, sometimes a life-changing difference. The average length of service in the team is around 11 years - when people join us, they rarely want to leave!


 sec ops


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