We do more than just govern.

Meet Process Governance.

We are not your typical Process Governance team because...

Well, we do more than just “Govern stuff”! We actually help deliver better ways of working across all areas of Camelot. In fact, you could say we are the Centre of Excellence for all things to do with Process Management and Continuous Improvement.

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a small (but perfectly formed) team that sits within Finance but we’re not about the numbers. It’s an exciting role that's quite new to the business and we do a variety of things from setting up a best practice process framework to providing advice, support and training on our new process management system.  

Our most important role, however, is to partner with all of the business areas to help improve the way we govern our processes, which is essential for Camelot to comply with the licence to run The National Lottery.

So who do we engage with?

Frankly every area of the business at all levels! From Commercial to Customer Operations, HR to Facilities, the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) to the CSA (Customer Service Advisor).  Every area has processes and everyone is involved in running them.

What does it take to be part of the team?

The team has a variety of skills from Process Improvement (of course) to Business Analysis and even Project Management. We like to grow and develop whether that’s on the job by being thrown in at the deep end or learning new skills through training. Just ask Yasmin, our process analyst, who in just 3 months engaged and trained all of our business teams whilst developing process management skills.

Above all we have the Camelot personality; we make work fun, try new ways to get better results and of course we celebrate when we get it right … from our Beer & Somosa get-togethers to team Bowling.

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