Employee Spotlight

This is Mark.

I'm Mark, I'm the Central & Cash Finance Manager and I joined Camelot in November 2016. Before joining Camelot I was at Tesco for 10 years working in a number of Finance roles. When an opportunity came up to join the Finance Operations team at Camelot I couldn't say no, it was a great move for my career development. 

My role isn't typical because...

I'm often dealing with high tier prizes and regularly paying life-changing amounts of money to our winners. There's no other job like it!

Why should someone join the Finance team at Camelot?

Camelot is a unique business with Finance being a key business partner. Working here, you get the opportunity to be part of a team that makes a real difference to people's lives, not only through the many winners of The National Lottery games but also through the Good Causes that receive an average of £30million in funding every week!

What skills do you need to be successful in this team?

As a regulated business we have a strong emphasis on controls, therefore attention to detail and making sure all payments meet the correct requirements before being processed is essential. As we deal with all areas of the business, strong communication with non-finance teams is also crucial, as we often need to explain financial processes and the reasoning behind them to people who aren't from this world.



How does this role challenge you?

The Finance Operations team are involved in numerous different things from paying suppliers and high tier prizes, to supporting new game launches. We support the business with its budgeting and quarterly forecasting along with balance sheet reconciliation reviews, so there is a lot of variety which keeps me on my toes!

What makes you proud to work for Camelot?

I feel we have a strong team ethic and work well as a management team, being a well-regarded function across the business is something we are proud of.

What do you do in your spare time?

Spare time is mainly spent with the family, with the odd round of golf or day at the cricket in the summer thrown in. I also enjoy travelling when I can!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself that most people don't know.

I played in a charity cricket match with Rory Bremner and Allan Lamb!

What three things could you not live without and why?

  1. RAC membership - for when I've broken down on the M1 :)

  2. Cheltenham races -  a group of friends make a yearly trip to Cheltenham races for a few days, it's a great atmosphere and something I always look forward to!

  3. Slippers - old man slippers come everywhere with me... apart from the office!




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