We like to work hard and are proud of our work

Our DNA.

Our department.

The Digital department at Camelot is an exciting place to be. Our channel has just come out of a record year, with turnover hitting more than a BILLION. This is a place where you can work in a BIG SCALE commercial environment but in a small, and tight knit team. Your individual contributions can make a big impact. The work you do today has the chance to be delivered quickly tomorrow to our player base of millions and millions. We run one of the top ecommerce sites in the UK measured by web traffic and our app gets 3 million scans a week, we are also at the start of a very exciting journey with and a huge investment. Anyone in our team today gets the chance to join our story at the start of an AMAZING chapter.

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We like to work hard and are proud of our work.

We have a big job to do and often this requires us to be heads down and focused on getting our work done. A hard work ethic and dedication are essential qualities to have in our team. It’s a changing environment and there’s always something new to learn. The work that we do generates big sales and contributes to the average £30 million pounds we raise every single week that goes back to good causes in the UK. We also know how to lighten the mood and have brilliant banter. It’s important to be able to laugh too!


We like to laugh.

Every single day in our team you'll hear someone belly laugh or snort with laughter! We know how to have fun while delivering high quality work, on time. One day you may experience the worst ever Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation of “I’ll be back” and that will cause laughter for years to come, and the next day someone may turn up to work on an annual leave day (both true stories). There's always laughter and friendly banter to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome to the team. No stiff, corporate suits here!


A place to be you.

We have an amazing, diverse and unique group of individuals that make up our team. We’re fun, fair, respectful, results driven, and value integrity and diversity. We celebrate individuality and success, and work together as a team when things get tough. Most importantly, it doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do. This is an environment where you can just be you!

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