Camelot statement on Gambling Commission regulatory action

Daniel Dyball, Head of Policy and Regulatory Affairs, said:

“We absolutely accept that we made a mistake in each of the cases and are very sorry that they happened. We therefore accept that licence breaches occurred and, in the one case in which a financial penalty was imposed, have paid it.

Public confidence in The National Lottery is of paramount importance and we believe our outstanding operational record over the last 22 years underlines how seriously we take our responsibilities to players.

The incidents, which took place back in 2015 and were caused by human error, were quickly identified and promptly fixed. We also took immediate action to communicate the correct results and to strengthen our internal processes to minimise the chances of these specific issues happening again.

Returns to National Lottery Good Causes were not adversely affected by any of the incidents and Camelot did not benefit financially as a result of the errors.”

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