Why I'm Proud to work at Camelot

We asked our employees what makes them proud to work here...

Do you love your job?

Recent research found that four in five British adults are proud of the work they do and two-thirds enjoy going to work most days. Having a sense of pride in your job and the company you work for is extremely important for your workplace happiness.

We have lots of reasons to feel proud at Camelot. Our mission is to change lives and it’s something that each and every one of our employees is passionate about. No matter what role you play in the organisation, you know you are contributing to something big.

At Camelot, we change lives in two key ways, firstly we have our winners: there’s something special in knowing our players can become millionaires overnight or as Jayna, assistant brand manager, puts it “we give our nation the opportunity to make their dreams come true”.

Secondly, we give back. In operating The National Lottery, Camelot delivers, on average, around £30 million each week to National Lottery Good Causes and that’s something to really smile about.

support the elderly

It’s not just about showing love externally, we invest heavily in our own people by encouraging and supporting their personal development as much as we can. Camelot is a place to do your best work and we love seeing how people build and shape their careers as part of the Camelot team.

Who better to explain what makes them proud than our employees themselves. We spoke to current and former members of our telephone sales team to find out what fuels their pride and here’s what they had to say: 


"Camelot really promotes personal development and one thing I’ve been really lucky to benefit from is my passion for photography. Through this, I’ve been enabled to go and see things I would never normally get the chance to, on assignment for Camelot. Things like going to the British Athletics to take pictures of National Lottery funded athletes; attending award shows and even a visiting a parliamentary reception. These are all things that I would never get to do anywhere else and I’m incredibly proud to be given the opportunity to do that with Camelot.”  

Anthony - Team Manager, Operational sales 


“It’s just great to see the amount of money that we give out every single week and seeing how that changes the lives of people, whether that’s through winning prizes or through good causes projects. I actually had a great opportunity to work with one of the good cause projects at Watford Mencap, it was incredible to see how we change lives through the funding that we give.”

Chris - Operations Sales Executive


“I started at Camelot seven and half years ago and in that time I’ve had five different roles, I started off in telesales and now I’m in brand marketing. I’m proud of my career at Camelot, I learn something new every day.”

Jayna - Assistant Brand manager


“The telephone sales team as a whole make a really big impact on the business, and that’s not just through the work that we do contacting retailers each week and getting really bought into what we do, but its the development and the journey that people can go on. Our marketing team is full of people who were previously in our telephone contact team and we’ve had 30 people in the last three years develop throughout the business to bigger and different roles.”

Paul - Operational Sales Manager

To see what the rest of the team had to say, check out the video below: 



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