Team Camelot have a go at Skeleton and Bobsleigh

Connecting to our purpose in the most powerful way

Everything we do at Camelot is about changing lives for the better, not only through the many millionaires we make but through the funding we raise for Good Causes across the UK (on average it’s around £30 million each week, yes you read that right….£30 million every week!).

Without this funding, there are some things that just would not be possible and one group of people who know all about this are the Great Britain Skeleton and Bobsleigh athletes. National lottery funding allows them to not only get into the sport but to become full-time athletes by supporting coaching, physio, enhanced kit and equipment. Winter sports are particularly expensive, the cost of a world-class bobsleigh alone can be anywhere between £25,000 and £70,000. This means the cost of getting a team of four athletes onto the ice for one competition can be extremely high. National Lottery funding helps make this happen and ensures that the athletes are in a position to dedicate their lives to preparing for those big important races.

Bobsleigh and Skeleton are not the kind of sports you just fall into by accident. The Talent-ID programme along with the UK’s only push-start track (located at the University of Bath), plays a key role in introducing British athletes to these unique sports, by sourcing talented people and providing them with a place to train.

20 lucky Camelot employees were recently given the opportunity to spend a day at the track, to get a taster for the sports and meet some of the athletes who benefit directly. At Camelot, we always talk about the difference our Good Cause funding makes but it’s not every day we get the opportunity to experience it first hand.

After arriving in Bath, the team headed straight for the track where they were greeted by coach Donna Creighton and Skeleton athletes Marcus, Hannah and Brogan. After a quick safety briefing and demonstration, Team Camelot got stuck in. Starting with a push and soon advancing to running and diving onto the sled on their own, it was surprising how quickly they got to grips with it.

After lunch, the team were back at the track for an afternoon of Bobsleigh, joined by coach Chris and Bobsleigh athlete Greg who demonstrated how to work the sled like a pro. After a few practice runs everyone was split into teams and things got competitive as pairs raced to get the best time, coming up with some very creative team names in the process!

Throughout the day, the athletes explained how they train and prepare for competitions, including what they eat, how they maintain fitness and how they perfect their technique and in doing so they really helped our employees feel better connected to the sports. It was an adrenaline packed day that was great fun for everyone involved, but more importantly, it provided real insight into how valuable National Lottery funding is to keep these sports alive and to help TeamGB continue to win medals. For our employees, it was an important reminder of why we do what we do every day and it brought our purpose to life. 


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