Meet James, Head of UX and Design @ Camelot

We’d like to introduce you to James. James is a real foodie and he loves travel but he’s also totally passionate about UX and Design. We sat down and had a chat with him and here’s what he had to say...

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Tell us a little about your role and what your team does..

I head-up the User Experience and Design team here at Camelot. Our role is to research, ideate, design and deliver all the digital experiences for our players. We’re a full service design team, taking ideas from a snippet of data all the way through ideation to beautiful and intuitive design and experiences.

What kind of person would succeed in your team?

In short, we’re looking for people who are passionate about putting the customer at the heart of their work and love to innovate and inspire. 

Why is the future exciting?

Our scale is huge, and getting bigger. As operators of The National Lottery, we run one of the UK’s top 10 e-commerce platforms. Our products are used by millions of people every single day, so the work we do makes a difference with every interaction players have with us. 

What are you looking for to build out your team of tomorrow?

Whether it be a graduate or a senior designer, we’re looking for people that live and breathe a user first mentality with a portfolio of work showcasing their thought process and attention to detail.


What does the team do for fun?

We do lunch and learn sessions, lab testing and remote research. It's really exciting collaborating with stakeholders across office locations and our external partners. We have a culture of healthy challenge. We challenge ourselves to get the best from each other and will spin up rapid ideation sessions to validate our ideas with the wider business. It's great fun.

What are your favourite work perks?

The work environment is fantastic, and flexibility of working location is great. We can ideate and design where it best suits the project and the team. The resources to do our job are second to none too. Our kit is ace, and we have the space and environment to be at our best

How many users benefit from the work that your team does?

We have 11 million registered digital players, and our app gets 3 million scans a week. The National Lottery is something that touches the whole nation, so the audience for the work that we do is vast.

Where do your team get their design inspiration from?

Absolutely everywhere. Although our focus is on digital, our inspiration comes from design and experiences across a whole range of mediums, whether it be physical product design, retail, architecture, and of course digital.

Aside from Camelot, what other companies offer products with great user experience and design at the moment? 

There are so many e-commerce providers that are really driving innovation. We’re excited by digital products in completely different sectors such as the likes of Netflix and some of the disruptor banks like Monzo, who are creating experiences that are really changing the way users interact with products in their sectors. 


What’s the best thing about working in the UX and Design team at Camelot?

I love that my team are able to shape projects from the very beginning. We’re respected by stakeholders in the business as being the voice of the customer. We’re approached as experts in our field and therefore provide the guidance to deliver the very best experiences for our players and drive growth for the business. It allows us to really make an impact. 

What is your proudest achievement since joining Camelot?

Building such a passionate, high-performing team, and being at the heart of some of our recent launches such as Set For Life.



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