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Living Life Changing

It may not feel like it most days, but summer will soon be here (we hope!) which means it’s time for some serious garden DIY. At Watford Peace Hospice, the garden is a particularly special place. It’s the home to the Hospice Creative Therapy area which is vital to the wellbeing of the patients and their families by providing them with an area for relaxation and quiet contemplation in the sunshine and fresh air.  

Over two sunny days in Spring, members of Camelot’s Customer Operations team headed over there to spruce up the garden furniture and fences with a fresh lick of paint. It was a great opportunity for the team to spend time together away from the office and out in the sunshine. More importantly, it made a huge difference to the hospice and its patients.

Camelot’s Living Life Changing programme gives every employee two days per year to volunteer with one of the Good Causes we partner with. It’s an excellent way for us to give back to the local community and helps our employees feel better connected to our purpose. Everything we do at Camelot is about changing lives and what better way to bring that to life than with some hands-on experience.

Well done to everyone from Customer Operations who got involved. We received a big thank you from the hospice to all the volunteers for helping to restore these much used and valued areas, they’re extremely grateful for all your help and support. Check out the photos from the day...

OST Peace Hospice 1

OST peace hospice 4

OST peace hospice 2

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