Amazing Starts With: Sandeep

Behind the scenes of The National Lottery

What’s your Camelot story?

My Camelot story has been exciting to say the least. I initially joined Camelot Global as a QA Lead back in June 2015. Growing up and spending my entire life in Essex, I fancied a change from working in the City of London and wanted to move out of the TOWIE scene. North West London seemed really appealing as quite a few of my friends and family had moved across. I wasn’t ballsy enough to make the move immediately, and needed a good enough reason to kind of force me out of my comfort zone. So I took to LinkedIn and started to look for my next career move, and there it was, an opening for a QA Lead at Camelot Global in Watford. This was the perfect reason to finally make the move!

A year into my role, I was promoted to QA Manager, working solely on the Camelot UK account. 12 months later, I was promoted to Global Software Delivery Manager, owning the software delivery of Instant Win Games (IWGs) for Camelot UK, Premier Lotteries Ireland (PLI) and Loterie Romande (LoRo, Swiss lottery). In May this year, I saw an exciting opportunity to work at Camelot UK as QA Delivery Manager, and with that said, here I am!

What does your current role entail?

The main purpose of my role is to embed and police quality assurance and quality control throughout the software delivery lifecycle, both internally and alongside our multiple software suppliers such as IGT, Camelot Global, Elsym and many more! Basically, we want to prevent as many software defects, also referred to as "bugs", from reaching our Production environment as possible.

What skills help you succeed in this role?

Quality Assurance competency and best practices, stakeholder/supplier management, influencing, leadership, effective communications, being empowered to challenge and make decisions.

What’s the most exciting thing about working at Camelot?

You are not just an employee or a number. You can really make a difference here and the company empowers you to drive your career at whatever speed you like. Speaking from experience, if you think something needs improving, don’t wait around for someone else to own it, JDIY (just do it yourself). You will get recognised and rewarded for it eventually.

What makes you proud to work for Camelot?

Seeing how the money we raise for Good Causes is really making a difference and changing lives. I had the honour of attending The National Lottery Awards ceremony recently in central London, and just speaking to some of the award winners was a real eye-opener to the fantastic work we all collectively do as an organisation. It’s so underrated and we need more and more people to really understand our purpose and values. It’s not just about the big jackpots!

If you didn’t work at Camelot, what would be your dream job? 

I’m a dog lover and I’d love to build a home for as many homeless/stray dogs out there as possible. It wouldn’t simply be a kennel, nah nah nah! It would be the utmost 5* luxury dog home that even you wished you could live in...hahaha!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I’m a professional Indian drummer. I play at weddings, festivals and gigs internationally, although I have toned down the travelling since my son was born in 2016!

Other than that, I like meeting up with close friends and family regularly for nice meals, nights out and partying (never too old for partying!).

I spent 6 months backpacking around Australia and New Zealand back in 2010. I’d like to conquer South America next, sometime in the future, who knows when?!


Check out Sandeep in action:


Name: Sandeep

Role: QA Delivery Manager

Location: Watford, HQ

Time at Camelot: 3+ years

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