A winning welcome for our new starters.

How we set you up to change lives.

Camelot is pretty unique; as our CEO, Nigel Railton put it “we are effectively a sales and marketing organisation, enabled by technology, operating in a regulated environment”. The scale of what we achieve as a business is pretty impressive given that we operate with a team of only around 750 people. Each and every employee plays an important role in helping us to hit targets, serve our customers and ultimately change lives.

Although our workforce is small in comparison to what we achieve, it’s made up of a variety of departments, each with their own teams and own set of roles. When you start to piece it all together as a newcomer,  it can seem quite complex. We realised, that as a business we needed to do more to better connect our teams and help each and every person understand their true purpose in the organisation.

We decided that to welcome our new starters in the best possible way, to energise them and make them advocates of Camelot, we needed to do something different, and so, the all-new Camelot induction day was born.

The induction day brings together all of our recent new starters from across the business and provides them with insight into all of our different business areas. Using a mixture of presentations, hands-on experience and some fun activities we are really able to engage our new employees and ensure they walk away feeling more confident about how our teams work together.

The morning session focuses on our core business with presentations on our players, the Good Causes we support and our regulated business, all nicely wrapped up with a personal welcome from our CEO.

camelot induction CEO

Following the presentations, our attendees are given the opportunity to get some hands-on experience with our online and point-of-sale lottery technology in the data zone, we even have our very own pop-up shops to bring to life the experience of our retailers and our players.

Next up, our new starters are treated to lunch in the Winners Lounge where they learn all about the National Lottery draws and our winner's process. We even host a mock lottery draw where one lucky employee bags themself a prize (did you know that Camelot employees are not allowed to play any of the National Lottery games?).

We end the day with a visit from our leadership team who answer questions from our new starters. It’s not every day you come face to face with our business leaders at once and our attendees love the opportunity to find out what makes our execs tick and why they love working at Camelot. 


We’ve only recently rolled out our new induction day but so far the feedback from employees has been really positive and we’re already seeing the impact it is having across the business. If you're thinking of applying for a role at Camelot, check out this video to see what's in store for your winning welcome. 

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