7 songs to get you job interview ready

You've got this.

We’ve all heard the expression ‘fake it til you make it’ and sometimes that’s just what you’ve got to do, especially when it comes to appearing confident in a job interview. Even if you are not a naturally confident person there are things you can do to make sure nerves don’t get the better of you and ruin your chances of success.

One easy way to kick-start your brain and get you fired up is to listen to some inspiring music. Whatever your jam, we all have songs that inspire us and make us feel empowered. Whether they make you sing in the shower, dance in the street or tap your toes on the train, some songs are guaranteed to give you a confidence boost and put you in a positive mindset.

With that in mind, we’ve created a playlist full of songs to get you in the zone and this mash up has something for everyone. If you're heading into a job interview any time soon, wrap your ears around these and get ready to shine. Here are seven of the best to get you started...

1. Eminem - Lose Yourself


2. Katy Perry - Roar


3. Pharrell Williams - Happy


4. Survivor - Eye of the Tiger



5. Daft Punk- Harder Better Faster Stronger


6. Beyoncé  - Run the World (girls)


7. Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk

Want more of this? Check out the full playlist here. We'd love to know what's missing - if you have a song suggestion let us know by getting in touch on social media and we'll add it to the list.

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